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Receive  a $600 Donation for your Church!!!



Since 2003 Heavenly Printing has been working with

 Churches all over the U.S.A.   Our Donations

help Churches in a variety of ways.


Church Members have access to a wide

variety of goods and services from Local

Businesses who are helping support their Church.


Sponsors ads are reaching hundreds of local

Families in their Home.  It is a very captive

audience, as the Newsletter is an important

communication piece for the congregation.


Here's how it works:

      The Church continues to produce the Monthly Newsletter.  Receive a $50 Donation every Month from Heavenly Printing.  That's $600 a Year, just for including a Local Sponsor Ad Page in your Newsletter!  Heavenly Printing handles the selling, copy changes, billing, and collections for the local Businesses.  The Church has final approval of all ads sold by Heavenly Printing.  Church Members with Businesses get 1st choice and receive a 20% discount.  There are usually 8 to 10 Local Sponsors on the Ad Page.   You must reach at least 200 Total Families with a consistant Monthly Newsletter.  During these difficult economic times, many Churches are suffering declining donations in the offering  plate.  Let $600 a Year from Heavenly Printing help your Church do more outreach, help the Youth, go to Church improvements, or help fund missionary work.